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Daniel Ray Rego, the striking son of James and Marianna Rego, was born on August 6th 1975.  He was raised in Sterling with his five siblings.  When Daniel began school, he made many friends, for he was a very likeable fellow, however one of his friends, a young lad named Bryan, would become more than a friend, he would be a brother. 

Being two of the niftiest students in their class, Bryan and Daniel were instant friends.  The duet played together many afternoons at Bryan's house.  It was during this time that Bryan's sister, Brandi, would realize what a fine young man Daniel was.

Daniel and Brandi became great friends and during their junior high years at Sterling, Daniel began wooing Brandi.  The two had a special connection that would prove lasting.

After graduating from Sterling in 1994, Daniel attended Cameron University.  He often carpooled with Brandi who, though a year behind Daniel in school, decided to enroll concurrently at Cameron  to be able to spend time with that handsome devil, and,  to get a head start on her college career.

After spending some time in college, Daniel decided to move to Dallas for a few years.  While in Texas, he grew quite skillful at the art of selling cars.  Although he had grown fond of Texas, Daniel knew he must return to Oklahoma to rescue Brandi.

Meanwhile, Brandi, upon high school graduation in 1995, simultaneously enrolled at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and Cameron University.  Despite the fact that she was on the honor roll at both universities, Brandi felt led to devote her time pursuing an art degree at USAO.  She graduated from that fine institution in 1999, with a Bachelor's degree in art.

Shortly after graduation the two felt inclined to recapture the fun of days gone by.  On Mother's Day of 2000, Daniel asked Brandi for her hand in marriage.  Gleefully accepting, she and her new fiancÚ, though the evening had grown late, raced to wake her parents.  After a quick hug and a pat on the head, the couple went hurriedly to rouse the Rego's, for the hour was now midnight. 

Daniel and Brandi enjoyed a magnificent outdoor wedding on July 4, 2000, only seven weeks after their engagement.  (This is the part where Daniel's long-time pal Bryan, becomes his brother.)  It was an awe-inspiring ceremony.  The stunning groom wore his fathers wedding suit and the eye-catching bride wore her mothers wedding gown, which was hand-crafted by her mother's mother.  My, were they a charming couple.  After food and dancing, the evening wrapped with a fantastic fireworks show and the Star-Spangled Banner.

Following the nuptials, the young duo moved to Lawton to continue their education.  Daniel began studying computers and Brandi began her Masters work.   In August of 2001, she graduated with a Master's in Education from Cameron, where she was again, to no one's surprise, on the honor roll.  Brandi quickly got a job teaching art at Putnam City High School, so they moved to Oklahoma City.

After two years at PC, Brandi realized that her calling was not babysitting challenged and troubled teens, in groups as large as 40, no, indeed, she was called to motherhood.  And so, in the fall of 2003, instead of going back to teaching, Brandi and Daniel decided to have a baby.

In the spring of 2004, Daniel, with little effort, because of his charm and skill, became the Director of Technology at Blanchard Public Schools.  This came to pass only two months before the birth of their extraordinary son, Lincoln.

Lincoln Brown Rego was born on May 16th.  He was an instant hit.  People came from all over, just to glimpse his splendor.  He continues to be his parents and grandparents delight.  He is part of the reason that they are all living happily ever after. 

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